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Registration is open for Online Masters Programs!

Developing human brain potential and leading changes for sustainable communities

Recognizing the surging demand for sustainable solutions and mindfulness practices, IBE responded by introducing two new master's degree programs: the Master of Arts in Integrative Brain Education and the Master of Science in Regenerative Earth Management.

Become an expert in Brain Education (BE), an innovative educational program for developing the human capacity for health, well-being, and self-realization through enhanced management of the brain!

Be a global leader of a sustainable and prosperous community, business, organizations, and humanity.

Program graduates can help others create and sustain healthier and more balanced lifestyles.

Learn about IBE and its Curriculum

Creating a better world begins with you!
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Dear Prospective Student:

For more than a decade, the Institute of Brain Education (IBE) has been dedicated to the training of holistic healing professionals to develop hands-on therapeutic skills and gain an appreciation of holistic principles to aid clients on their road to fulfilling health.


In response to the needs for leaders with global perspective and holistic mindsets in businesses and organizations, Institute of Brain Education desires to offer online Master’s Degree programs in Integrative Brain Education and Regenerative Earth Management. Through these programs, students will attain essential understanding and competence for developing human brain potential and leading changes for sustainable communities. We also support and encourage students in these programs to create a network among them to develop their leadership and communication because creating changes for global impact needs extensive collaborations among people from different cultures and environments.


We hope you find in IBE Master’s Degree Programs opportunities for your personal growth and contribution for a healthier and more sustainable world.

Joung Han Lee / CEO


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