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Fall Registration is now open! Begins 9/1!

Admission Requirements

Admissions Requirements


  • All applicants seeking enrollment to the Institute of Brain Education must be at least 18 years of age;

  • Must be a graduate with a conferred Bachelor degree or equivalent from an accredited institution;

  • Official transcripts must be provided from all higher education institutions prior to matriculation;

  • Provide a short essay explaining the candidate’s educational and professional background; why the candidate has an interest to transfer to the Institute of Brain Education; what their professional goals are after the completion of the program; and how this degree will be used to support and enhance their future goals;

  • Complete an Application for Enrollment;

  • Submit the $200.00 Application Fee;

  •  Complete an interview with the Admissions prior to enrollment.

Following the receipt of an Acceptance Letter, the following is required:

  • Complete an Enrollment Agreement;

  • Meet with the Student Finance Department and discuss tuition assistance, scholarships, complete a tuition payment plan;

  • All applicable tuition and fees must be paid as per the tuition payment plan and current published fee schedule and prior to matriculation;

  • Falsification of any documents submitted to the Institute may be cause for denial of enrollment or cancellation of the enrollment.

Deferring Admissions

Applicants who have been accepted into the program may defer admissions to a subsequent semester with the approval of the Admissions Department. Admission may only be deferred for one year. Requests for deferred entrance must be made in writing to the Admissions Department within 14 days of the applicant receiving the letter of admissions.

Declining an Offer of Admissions

Applicants who decide to cancel their enrollments must notify the Admissions Department prior to the start of the program or during the add/drop period.

Advanced Standing

Applicants who wish to be considered for advanced standing, exam waivers, or transfer credit in one or more areas must make their request to their designated Admissions Representative at the time of their admissions interview and submit official documents prior to matriculation. All official documents are due prior to matriculation.  Official documents will be reviewed by the Campus Director and applicable prior learning credit will be issued.

There are no program prerequisites to the Integrative Brain Education degree program; specifically, industry professional credentials are not required for entry into the program.

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