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Masters of Arts in Integrative Brain Education (Online)


Brain Education (BE) is an innovative educational program for developing the human capacity for health, well-being, and self-realization through enhanced management of the brain. 

Brain Education curriculum integrates physiology, psychology, and philosophy through scientific concepts and practical application.

Brain Education techniques of physical, emotional, and cognitive exercises have been shown that Brain Education improves focus, creativity, memory, confidence, stress management, and physical health in school and corporate environments.

Students are immersed in the theory and practice of Brain Education, communication skills, leadership for collaboration and cooperation, and social engagement. Graduates will be well versed in the principles of Brain Education, scientific, philosophical, and psychological concepts and have a strong foundation on how to implement it in education, organization, and business environments.

The M.A. in Integrative Brain Education is especially suitable for those aspiring to be mindful earth citizens, prepared to promote coexistence, and to apply their training in their professional endeavors, including health and wellness, education, business and leadership.

This degree is offered through online except Summer intensive courses. Taking an online course allows you to take classes with a flexible schedule and a great option for full time career students.

Learn the advantages of taking this program ONLINE.


GBE600       Principles of Brain Education                                                      3 Credits

This course teaches the key concepts, principles and skills of Integrative Brain Education. Students will learn the principles of Integrative Brain Education and their applications in the areas of learning enhancement, behavioral changes, self-management and leadership development.

GEM600      Principles of Earth Management                                                     3 Credits

This course teaches the key elements of sustainability including sustainable economic development, building caring communities, global collaboration for climate challenges, and leadership for change. Through this course, students will understand the status and challenges for ensuring a sustainable future for the planet.

GEM610      Leadership for Global Changes                                                       3 Credits

This course teaches the key elements of leadership required to lead global changes on all levels from personal to international. Students will be encouraged to integrate those elements into their mindsets, behaviors and lifestyles, and work together for peer review and coaching.


GEM621      Human Brain’s Capacity for Empathy                                            3 Credits

In this course, students will learn about the basis of empathy from multiple perspectives including neuroscience, psychology, education and spirituality. Students will understand why the empathetic capacity is important and how it can be used for developing caring communities and a sustainable world.

GEM622      Brain Education and Cognitive Processes                                        3 Credits

In this course, students will learn about the mental processes involved in thinking, knowing, remembering, learning, and problem-solving. This course will include exercises and techniques to sharpen thinking, focus attention, and enhance learning. Understanding of the processes will help students develop proficiency in applying diverse tools and approaches in teaching and counselling.

GEM622      Multiple Intelligence                                                                        3 Credits

This course will teach the concepts and principles of multiple intelligence and their application in education and personal development. This will help students develop a broader understanding of intelligence and flexibility in applying educational tools for teaching.

GBE631       Therapeutic Applications of Brain Education                              3 Credits

This course will provide insights and skills on how to use the principles of Integrative Brain Education for therapeutic purposes including deep relaxation, managing stress, improving moods, emotional release, and cognitive/behavioral changes. Mindfulness practices, breathing techniques and motivational exercises are some of the techniques employed in this course.

GBE632       Teaching Methods of Brain Education                                        3 Credits

This course provides knowledge of teaching modalities of Integrative Brain Education and skills to use them in diverse learning environments. Students will collaborate with peers to give constructive feedback of teaching efficacy, give a sample individual and group presentation, develop an instruction plan and implement the plan.

GBE693       Thesis/Capstone Project                                                              3 Credits

The Integrative Brain Education thesis/capstone project marks the pinnacle of a student's academic journey, demonstrating their comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices and principles. Ultimately, the thesis/capstone project stands as a testament to their dedication to shaping a better humanity and contributing invaluable insights to the field of Brain Education.



GBE641       Principles and Practice of Counseling                                          3 Credits

This course will provide basic knowledge and skills for counselling as an application of Brain Education especially for emotional regulations and behavioral changes. Hands-on training will be emphasized, and students will be guided to practice with other students in the class.

GBE642       Principles and Practice of Coaching                                            3 Credits

This course will provide basic knowledge and skills for coaching as an application of Brain Education especially for problem solving, personal development and lifestyle changes. Coaching skills attained through the course can be widely used also in teaching, counselling, and parenting.

GBE643       Power of a Mindful Brain                                                                3 Credits

This course teaches the core principles and practices of mindfulness and their application in education and personal development. To attain hands-on capability, students will be guided to study different levels of mindfulness and experience personal transformation.

GBE644       Basics of Mental Health                                                                   3 Credits

This course will provide understanding of the status of mental health with its major challenges and impact for individuals and communities. The course will also explore possible solutions to improve mental health in personal and public lives.

GBE645       Basics of Neuroscience                                                                 3 Credits

Through this course, students will attain basic understanding of Neuroscience as a multidisciplinary science that combines physiology, anatomy, molecular biology, developmental biology, cytology, computer science and mathematical modeling to understand the properties of neurons and neural circuits. This course will also explore the major problems and challenges of neuroscience.

GBE646       Nutrition and Exercise for Brain Health                                         3 Credits 

There are increasing studies and discoveries about brain-gut connection, nutrition and brain performance, and benefits of exercise for long-term brain health and neuronal regeneration. Through this course, students will learn how to improve and maintain brain health by proper nutritional balance and physical activities and managing healthy gut condition.

GBE688       Methods of Research for Integrative Brain Education                 3 Credits

This course will provide knowledge and skills of methods of research applicable for Integrative Brain Education. Course will include sample research by applying the methods as an individual and/or group project.

GEM634      Equity and Inclusion                                                                       3 Credits

This course provides an understanding of the current issues and challenges of inequality and exclusion which widely threaten the health and cohesion of communities. Students will be guided to explore related issues in their personal and local environment and find ways to alleviate them.

GEM635      Principles and Practices of Conflict Resolution                           3 Credits

Sustainable future of the world requires enormous efforts for resolving conflicts. This course provides an overview of the principles and practices of conflict resolutions with examples in history, politics and businesses. This will help students understand the scope of current conflicts and develop skills for conflict resolutions on multiple levels.


This program is 30 semester credit hours and includes the courses as listed below.

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