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Masters of Science in Regenerative Earth Management (Online)


The Regenerative Earth Management program aims to foster sustainable solutions and regenerative practices that restore health and balance to individuals, communities, businesses, and organizations. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students gain knowledge, hands-on experience, and training in sustainability practices, policy and strategy development, leadership, global collaboration, business administration, governance, and community building. Graduates of this program emerge as leaders capable of driving transformative changes in businesses, communities, and governmental sectors.

This degree is offered through online except Summer intensive courses. Taking an online course allows you to take classes with a flexible schedule and a great option for full time career students.

Learn the advantages of taking this program ONLINE.


This program is 30 semester credit hours and includes the courses as listed below.


GBE600       Principles of Brain Education                                                  3 Credits

This course teaches the key concepts, principles and skills of Brain Education. Students will learn the principles of Brain Education and their applications in the areas of learning enhancement, behavioral changes, self-management and leadership development.

GEM600      Principles of Earth Management                                                     3 Credits

This course teaches the vital principles of earth management. Students will understand the status and challenges facing humanity. Students will also learn the origins and historical context of the earth citizen consciousness, unlocking profound insights into holistic solutions encompassing sustainable economic development, the establishment of compassionate communities, global collaboration for climate challenges, and effective leadership for positive change. By the course's end, you will emerge equipped with a comprehensive understanding of Earth Management and its potential to shape a sustainable and interconnected world.

GEM610      Leadership for Global Changes                                                       3 Credits

This course teaches the key elements of leadership required to lead global changes on all levels from personal to international. Students will be encouraged to integrate those elements into their mindsets, behaviors and lifestyles, and work together for peer review and coaching.


GEM621      Environmental Challenges and Sustainability Solutions                  3 Credits

This course will provide a basic understanding of the current environmental challenges, their impacts and future risks. The course will explore a wide scope of sustainability solutions on different levels, from personal to global. Students will be encouraged to adopt and engage in collective initiatives for greater impact.

GEM622      Public Health Risks and Approaches                                       3 Credits

This course will provide a basic understanding about the current public health risks locally and globally, and explore approaches taken by different countries and communities to alleviate the risks to develop a broader perspective to understand and deal with the challenges.

GEM623      Organizational Change for Sustainability                                       3 Credits 

In the face of current global sustainability challenges, organizations require a new breed of leadership that embraces wider perspectives, cross-cultural understanding, empathy, and multidisciplinary knowledge to foster meaningful change and collaboration. This course is designed to guide students in exploring and cultivating these essential qualities within themselves and others. Through practical applications in real-world non-profit organizations, students will gain valuable insights into the implementation of sustainable organizational change, equipping them to become agents of positive transformation in the world.

GEM624      Communication for Global Collaboration                                       3 Credits

The current global challenge for sustainability requires unprecedented global collaboration, which involves different levels of communication. This course helps students understand the scope and skills of communication for this collaboration and develop their proficiency in using the tools and skills.

GEM693      Thesis/Capstone Project                                                              3 Credits

The Regenerative Earth Management thesis/capstone project marks the pinnacle of a student's academic journey, demonstrating their comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices and principles. Ultimately, the thesis/capstone project stands as a testament to their dedication to shaping a more sustainable future and contributing invaluable insights to the field of Earth Management.


GEM631      Evolution of Global Economy                                                  3 Credits

This course provides overview and history of the development of global economy including its impacts, implications and challenges for the sustainable future of our planet. Students will be guided to explore new possibilities and alternative models.

GEM632      Carbon Footprint of Human Civilization                                         3 Credits

This course provides overview of historic and current carbon footprint of human activities, its impact on climate and environment and required changes to avoid catastrophic results. Students will be guided to explore new technologies and lifestyle changes.

GEM633      Development of Caring Community                                        3 Credits

This course provides an understanding of the concept and properties of a caring community and historic overview of such communities in many indigenous cultures. This will help students find essential qualities of such community and find ways to apply them to modern lives to help communities increase their capacity to care.

GEM634      Equity and Inclusion                                                                       3 Credits

This course provides an understanding of the current issues and challenges of inequality and exclusion which widely threaten the health and cohesion of communities. Students will be guided to explore related issues in their personal and local environment and find ways to alleviate them.

GEM635      Principles and Practices of Conflict Resolution                           3 Credits

Sustainable future of the world requires enormous efforts for resolving conflicts. This course provides an overview of the principles and practices of conflict resolutions with examples in history, politics and businesses. This will help students understand the scope of current conflicts and develop skills for conflict resolutions on multiple levels. 

GEM636      Concepts and Prospects of Global Governance                                3 Credits

This course provides an overview of the history and concepts of global governance. Students will understand the demand, controversy, and challenges of such governance. Students will be guided to explore alternatives and develop a model that will serve the purpose of sustainability and peace of the world.

GEM637      Grant and Report Writing                                                           3 Credits

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of securing grants and crafting impactful reports. Participants will learn to identify funding opportunities, plan persuasive proposals, and create measurable outcomes. Practical exercises and case studies enhance grant writing and reporting skills, equipping students for successful fundraising and project implementation.

GEM689      Application of Regenerative Earth Management                         3 Credits

This course guides sustainability leaders tackling the challenge of translating visionary ideas into actionable projects that leave a lasting impact on our planet. Through empowering guidance, participants learn to harness their expertise collaboratively, addressing intricate sustainability issues across various sectors like business, public service, non-profit, entrepreneurship, and beyond. As a preparatory capstone, students navigate the initiation and planning stages of sustainability projects, mastering the art of connecting, networking, leveraging, testing, adapting, and strategically implementing solutions for a more sustainable world.

GBE631       Therapeutic Applications of Brain Education                              3 Credits

This course will provide insights and skills on how to use the principles of Integrative Brain Education for therapeutic purposes including deep relaxation, managing stress, improving moods, emotional release, and cognitive/behavioral changes. Mindfulness practices, breathing techniques and motivational exercises are some of the techniques employed in this course.

GBE632       Teaching Methods of Brain Education                                        3 Credits

This course provides knowledge of teaching modalities of Integrative Brain Education and skills to use them in diverse learning environments. Students will collaborate with peers to give constructive feedback of teaching efficacy, give a sample individual and group presentation, develop an instruction plan and implement the plan.

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