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Grand Opening Ceremony: IBE Graduate Program for Earth Management

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

There was an online grand opening and entrance ceremony on Wednesday, September 13th for the Institute of Brain Education (IBE) graduate program for earth management. The IBE Graduate School supports the goal of nurturing global talent based on ‘Earth Management and Brain Education’. These are both academic disciplines in Korea.

▲ Faculty member, IBE School of Earth Management, USA

Classes are 100% online, exclusively held as a distance learning program, and a master's degree is awarded once students complete 30 semester credit hours of required courses including a Capstone Project.

The entrance ceremony was attended by students from all over the world, including the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, and the Middle East, as well as faculty from the IBE School. Professors from the University of Brain Education Graduate University and Global Cyber University, which run departments and courses related to earth management in Korea, also attended.

The ceremony was well attended due to the program's popularity in Korea. 'Earth Management' is an academic field that first started in 2016 when Korea's University of Brain Education opened the world's first department of earth management. In 2018, the Earth Management Research Institute was opened and has been leading the academicization of earth management in Korea; amid threats to the global ecosystem. There was a special lecture by Ilchi Lee, President of the University of Brain Education and established foundational principles and practices of brain education and earth management.

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