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International Forum Commemorates Institute of Brain Education Graduate Programs

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A Korea-U.S.Brain Education Expert Forum was held to commemorate the establishment of the Institute of Brain Education (IBE) online graduate school and is garnering attention. The forum was hosted by the International Brain Education Association(IBREA), a non-profit international organization that is part of the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN-DPI).

Forum attendees were Dr. Hope Ihm(the COO of the IBE), Dr. Warrington Parker (the program director of the Regenerative Earth Management department at IBE), and Professor Candace Bataille from the US; and Dr. Hyeon-jeong Yang (from the University of Brain Education), Professor Hye-sook Shin (department chair of Earth Management department at UBE), and Professor Rae Hyeok Jang (Global Cyber University).

The following topics were discussed:

▲ Operation plan for the Department of Regenerative Earth Management at IBE Graduate School (Warrington Parker, Program Director of the Department of Earth Management)

▲ “Leadership for Global Challenge” (Professor Candice Bataille)

▲ ‘Brain education academicization and future development direction’, UBE Professor Hye-sook Shin

▲ UBE Earth Management Department curriculum operation plan, Professor Hyeon-jeong Yang

▲ Characteristics of the Brain Education curriculum at the level of global management, GCU Professor Rae Hyeok Jang

‘Earth Management’ became an academic discipline in 2016, when the University of Brain Education (UBE, President Seung Heon Lee) opened the world’s first Department of Earth Management in Korea. In 2018, the Earth Management Research Institute was opened and has been leading the academicization of earth management in Korea; amid threats to the global ecosystem. Global Cyber University is a university specializing in brain education. It has been operating the 'Invitation to Earth Management' course as a common compulsory subject since 2016.

Forum organizer, Ji-in Kim, head of the International Cooperation Department of the International Brain Education Association, said, "Amid rapidly changing international environments such as threats to the global ecosystem and the technological advancement of artificial intelligence, the opening of the IBE graduate programs, established based on Earth Management Studies, has significant implications. We plan to strengthen the promotion of international cooperation between Korea and the United States in the future.”

▲ The U.S. Graduate School of Earth Management plans to open the Department of Brain Education next year, starting with the Department of Earth Management this year.

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