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Resource for Sustainability

  1. Waste Reduction Reducing that number by placing your garbage into a smaller container.

  2. Meal Plan Meal planning can help you make less trips to the grocery store (reducing your carbon footprint), narrow what to eat (reducing unnecessary spending on snacks), waste less food, eat healthier meals, and reduce stress around future meals after a busy day.

  3. More Plant-Based Meals Incorporate a plant-based meal into your normal diet.

  4. Compost Food Waste, Community Compost Location: Please check their policy of what’s accepted beforehand. City of Sedona:

  5. Clean Up Your Community If you com across trash laying out on the ground in your community.

  6. Recycle If you are not sure which item is recyclable or not and how to recycle them, visit this site.

  7. Reuse Glass Containers Reuse glass containers for storage, for homemade snacks, or for planting succulents.

  8. Stay Informed Consider watching from the following selection: DCEFF (DC Environmental Film Festival)

  9. Reduce Gas Usage Try to walk, bike, or ride-share more often

  10. Repair, Don’t Toss

  11. Conserve Water

  12. Avoid Single-Use Avoid using single-use items, such as paper plates, plastic utensils, etc.

  13. Reduce Electricity

  14. Shop Locally Discover a Farmers Market in your neighborhood that you may have not been to before.

  15. Recycle e-waste Recycling electronic waste, or "e-waste," plays a crucial role in conserving natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. EPA: Electronic Donation and Recycling Find the nearest places to recycle your electronics through Earth911 or Electronics recyclers with the E-Steward label on their websites are certified to meet the cleanest and most responsible standards for e-waste. Some other easy places that accept e-waste for recycling are Best Buy, Staples, and Goodwill.

  16. Support Sustainable Companies Research and support companies that rely on renewable energy and arefocused on reducing their environmental impact

  17. Consider Sustainable Gifts When buying gifts for loved ones, consider giving them a houseplant or gifts from local shops

  18. Reusable Household Cleaning Supplies Consider products good for the health of our environment.

  19. Biodiversity Awareness The beauty and variety of wildlife and biodiversity are very important for our planet's health and attractiveness. Wildlife, which includes different animals and plants, is amazing to see and helps keep nature balanced by providing things like food, building materials, and medicine.

  20. Share what you know!

  21. Be Kind to Each Other!

Waste Collection in Sedona, AZ

April 27th, 2024,  8 AM - 12 PM

West Sedona School Parking Lot570 Posse Ground Road (near the community pool)Sedona, AZ 86336

What is Earth Management?

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