Application and Admission Policies

1. Admission Requirements

Criteria for admission are as follows:

  • All applicants for admission to the Institute of Brain Education must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Personal interview may be required.
  • Student must pay all applicable fees, as per the current published fee schedule  prior to the
    issuance of an enrollment contract or make other arrangements acceptable to the school.
  • Falsification of any admission materials may be cause for denial or cancellation.
  • It is important that a candidate for admissions to IBE understands and complies with the licensure
    requirement of all states in which they intend to practice before matriculating

2. Deferring Admissions
Applicants who have been accepted into the program may defer admissions to a subsequent semester with the approval of the Admissions Department. Admission may only be deferred for one year. Requests for deferred entrance must be made in writing to the Admissions Department within 14 days of the applicant receiving the letter of admissions.

3. Declining an Offer of Admissions
Applicants who decide not to enroll are requested to notify the Admissions Department in writing of their decision within 14 days of the acceptance letter.

4. Advanced Standing
Applicants who wish to be considered for advanced standing in one or more areas must  make their
request to the Admissions Counselor at the time of their admissions interview. Applications for advanced standing, in form of examination waivers or transfer credits, must be made prior to enrollment. No prior learning credit will be given after the program has begun.

5. Transfer Applicant
Applicants transferring from other school of massage therapy must complete regular application procedures and supply the following documentation:

  • Letter of good standing from the previous professional school attended
  • A short essay explaining why they wish to transfer to the Institute of Brain Education

Transfer of applicants seeking credit for prior course work will be evaluated by the Director of the School, when all other aspects of the application are complete.  A second interview with the Director may be required. Applicants will be notified in writing of transfer credit to be awarded. This is the final assessment of credit to be transferred and no additional credit will be given after the program has begun.

6. Physical Examination
All students must submit proof of a physical examination prior to enrollment. The exam must demonstrate satisfactory health.

7. Readmission after Voluntary Withdrawal from School
If a student who has voluntarily withdrawn from the school  wishes to reenter the program, he/she is required to enroll under the terms of the current catalogue. In addition, applicants must submit a letter
stating the resolution of the withdrawal circumstances. If the withdrawal was medically related, physical documentations will be required. The student will be responsible for any cost increases or courses that have been added to the program since his/her previous enrollment.