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Become a SEED for Health

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), for adults aged 20 and over in the U.S., more than 37% are obese and 1 in 9 adults have diabetes. Type 2 diabetes are noticeably increasing even in the young people under 20. While topping the global chart for healthcare costs by spending more than $8,000 per person per year, the U.S. finds that chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and obesity currently affect more than half of the U.S. adult population and account for most of our nation’s health care costs. The important thing about chronic diseases is that most of them are preventable by making healthier choices in our daily life such as less stress, more exercise, positive emotion, and balanced diet.

Getting healthier naturally starts from small changes in these four:

  • Stress: Stress accounts for more than 80% of chronic diseases. We can manage and reduce stress through breathing and meditation.

  • Exercise: We have evolved in constant movement. Moving your body even for 1 minute per hour makes your body fitter and your brain smarter.

  • Emotions: Positive emotions are the most powerful vitamins for your mental health. As it is contagious, it can benefit yourself and other people around you.

  • Diet: Every bite can make a difference. Eat real food, not too much. Eat happy and mindfully. Buy locally and choose organic if available for yourself and the planet.

We can make this change easier and more powerful by sharing our care for each other in our community together.

The positive impact of these change can reach even further because the condition of our planet is not separate from our health condition. The way we produce, consume and waste our food is just one example. Changing the way you eat can be the simplest and most powerful means to keep our planet green and prevent climate change. By making positive changes in our personal lifestyle, we can be the beginning or a seed of much greater changes for our planet.

Want to see a BIG change? Start small.

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