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Key Administration

Joung Han Lee

President / CEO

Hyeran Ihm, Ph. D

Chief Operations Officer

Steve Kim, M.S.

Chief Academic Officer

Joy Kim

Director of Student Services

Michael McCann

Director of Compliance

Vickie Oh

Chief Financial Officer

Ericka Crawford, Ed. D

Ericka Crawford has delivered Brain Education training to employees in the workplace, various speaking events, and Body and Brain Centers for 10 years.  She has an extensive corporate background in the quality and regulatory field and has 20 years of experience in many aspects of corporate operations.  In addition, Ericka has a EdD in Organizational Leadership and her dissertation was on Brain Education in the workplace, “Examining the Effects of Brain Education on Employee Stress Management, Work Performance, Relationships, and Well-being”.  Her extensive corporate and training experience lends practical insight to the Institute’s operational practices and is beneficial for managing educational content at IBE. 

Program Director

Integrative Brain Education

Warrington S. Parker, Jr, Ph. D

Warrington S Parker, Jr. is an accomplished Program Director with a background in organizational psychology and a strong leadership record in diverse educational settings. With experience in business, traditional academia, innovative education, and non-profit sectors, he has trained numerous teachers and students. A published author in Brain World Magazine and author of the book "Strength of Will," Warrington's dedication to teaching strategies and societal betterment, coupled with his extensive leadership background, make him an ideal candidate for leading the program.

Program Director

Regenerative Earth Management

Core Faculty

John Gonzalez, Ed. D

Dr. Gonzalez has been an educator, counselor, and administrator from high school to graduate school. He also designed, implemented, and conducted quantitative and qualitative research on a pilot program at Santa Monica College titled Student Success Project.

He has been practicing Brain Education for over 20 years. He has taught Brain Education at Santa Monica College as a part of the school curriculum.


Scott Vanloo

Scott Vanloo specializes in dynamic design of professional development that focuses on leadership, equity/diversity/bias, social-emotional learning and mindfulness, self-care, design thinking and change, and team functioning. He has been a consultant for professional development, program director, leadership and equity trainer, and an educator.


Candice Bataille

Candice Bataille has designed and created program modules for diverse students and teachers programs. She has provided and facilitated diverse trainings on subjects of social emotional learning, trauma informed teaching, leadership and mastery, and resilience. She has founded a non-profit organization and directed operations and developed all necessary management systems. She has over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector both in the US and overseas having worked in 47 countries.


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