Miscellaneous Information

1. Individual Responsibility

It is the responsibility of each student and faculty member and each administrator to be familiar with this institution’s rules and regulations published in this catalog.

2. Catalog Policies

Rules governing student conduct, admissions policies, graduation requirements, and other aspects of this institution’s operations are subject to change. Please check with the School Director if you have questions regarding the content of this catalog. This institution reserves the right to adopt, amend, or repeal rules and policies that apply to students. Changes in the content of this catalog will be posted on bulletin boards and shown as a supplement to this catalog. The relationship of the individual student to this institution is governed by applicable state education codes, state regulations, and college policies. Please refer to your enrollment agreement for the specific terms under which you are to enroll.

3. Acknowledgements

Institute of Brain Education has submitted or will submit a written or electric copy of this catalog to the State Board within 10 days after revision of the catalog. This catalog will be available to students and prospective students in a written or electronic format.

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