Student Records

Institute of Brain Education will maintain student records for perpetuity. Upon graduation, students will be given a copy of their records. The student should maintain these records indefinitely. The records that the school will maintain are as follows:

  • Attendance Records
  • Academic Progress and grades
  • Financial Records
  • Placement Data
  • The Enrollment Agreement
  • The Ability to Benefit (where applicable)
  • Record of credit given for previous training
  • Records of meetings, appeals, disciplinary actions, and dismissals
  • A copy of the graduation certificate
  • Medical Records (where applicable)

Student records are maintained by the school secretary and are available for review by the student at any time with written request. Students are encouraged to submit updates to their records, such as address changes, as soon as possible. All records are private and are handled with confidentiality.

IBE complies with the Family Right and Privacy Act of 1974, which prohibits an institution from releasing school records or any other information about a student to any third party without the written consent of the student, with certain specific exceptions.