Hang-Gong Trainer

(1) Program Overview

The goal of Position Therapy is to guide  you to greater health by improving the ability to obtain the correct position of the body and thus enhance both physical and mental health. By utilizing western and oriental medical approaches within the framework of neuroscience, Position Therapy program trains you with the skills that create the space to shift the position of physical, energetic and psycho-emotional states within the individual into a healthier sphere and more harmonious interaction.

(2) Course Description                               

This program is 20 clock hours. No credit hours are awarded in this program. There is no clinical training, or externship/internship in this program. Students will participate in a supervised practicum providing Position Therapy to fellow students in order to have hands on experience.

The following is the practicum policies:

  • All hours shall be under the direct supervision of a qualified faculty member.
  • Hours are documented with clean learning objectives that are provided to the students.
  • Programs use a mechanism for faculty evaluation and supervision of student performance.
  • All experiences shall be designed to model professional procedures, including, as appropriate, professional Position Therapy techniques and performed at the school sites.

(3) Program Prerequisites

There are no program prerequisites.

(4) Textbooks or Learning Materials

The Textbook and Workbook will be provided by the institute, however there are recommended texts. Recommended texts are:

  • Home Healing Massage  – Hwal Gong  – for everyday wellness: by Institute of Human Technology (IBE)
  • Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing – Classified by Common Symptoms: by Ilchi Lee
  • Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine: by Nigel Wiseman and Andy Ellis

(5) Equipment / Technology Requirements or Competencies

There are no equipment or technology requirements. No specific competencies or certifications are required.

(6) Requirements for Completion/Graduation

  • A candidate for graduation must have successfully completed all required course load with a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher.
  • The candidate must meet all academic and attendance requirements.
  • The candidate must have fulfilled all financial obligations to Institute of Brain Education.
  • The candidate must pay a graduation fee which was included in the original fees.

(7) Graduate Employment Opportunities

As our position therapy program is relatively new, graduates of this program will have the unique opportunity to study and work with this cutting-edge new therapy while supplementing a previous degree or exploring a variety of healing treatments, such as physical therapy or massage.

(8) Requirements for Graduate to Practice

No license or certification is required.

(9) Tuition, Costs and Fees

  • Tuition:  $3,000
  • Registration fee: $200
  • Total fee: $3,200
  • Tuition includes textbooks and workbooks. Students will be responsible for the accommodation.