Message from the Founder

Dear Prospective Student:

The Institute of Brain Education (IBE) is a holistic school dedicated to the training of holistic healing professionals who will be able to develop hands on therapeutic skills and gain an appreciation of holistic principles to aid clients on their road to fulfilling health. The healing path you choose is the one the Institute of Brain Education will help you reach.

The origins of the Institute of Brain Education dates back over 4,000 years to an ancient healing art called Hwal Gong. In the early 1980’s, Hwal Gong was converted to Dahn as a systematized and scientific energy and healing training program. Now we offer you, the prospective Massage Therapists; Energy healers, Oriental Bodyworkers; Position Therapists; Reflexologists; Brain Wave Vibrationists; Holistic Bodyworkers, a chance to feel your own healing energy and experience the energy in your hands as Oriental Healing meets Western Medicine.

The course of study at the Institute of Brain Education integrates holistic modalities from both Eastern and Western perspectives. Eastern studies include Oriental Massage Techniques (Hwal gong Therapeutic Massage), a Taoist form of meditative exercise, Kigong, and a thorough background in Oriental Medicine, including a detailed study of the Meridian System. The Western studies of Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, Pathology, Kinesiology, psycho-emotional studies, etc. provide a comprehensive understanding of the human brain and body. Students will also be provided with many mainstream massage and bodywork technique classes in a comfortable, one to one atmosphere, taught by an expert in the particular field.

The integration of holistic philosophy including proper diet, exercise, stress reduction, and emotional development produces well-rounded holistic health professionals, allowing IBE students to not only develop a rewarding career but embark on a healthy lifestyle that can be shared with families and friends.
We hope you find in IBE school great opportunities for your personal growth and career development.

Ji Young Kong
Institute of Brain Education